Thousands of players available on demand to ensure there is always someone to play against or with.

Bots that play your game

With game playing bots that learn from human players, you can populate your single and multi-player game with believable opponents, NPCs, or player stand-ins.

Adopt human-like behavior

Our bots can work as player stand-ins or AI opponents for single and multiplayer games. They challenge players by mimicking human behavior and skill.

Retain creative control

We provide bots that learn from human players and adapt human play styles, but we leave creative control in the game designers' hands. You can adjust the skill levels and player behavior so players get the right challenge.

Evolve with the game

Since our bots learn directly from human players, you can quickly get going with great game feel without a ton of low-level behavior polish. And as your player base evolves, so will the bots.

Our Other Services


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