Thousands of players available on demand. Engaging content and quicker time-to-market. Test and balance your game with Game Playing Bots and ensure there's always someone to play against.

Bots that Test, Balance, and Play

Our AI powered Game Playing Bots help you accelerate the launch of your game while at the same time ensuring compelling experiences for your diverse playerbase.

modl:play helps validate your game content and speed up the content evaluation phase. This makes your design team more efficient and lets them focus their attention on creating engaging content that stands out.

Our Game Playing Bots are designed to accelerate your QA and playtesting processes and if you choose, you can even bring them all the way to your players as believable, configurable opponents in multi-player games.

Simple Playtest Setup through Demonstrations

Avoid spending valuable time on lengthy manual QA processes while still getting thorough results. Demonstrate once and replay even if content changes.

Intelligent Design Exploration

Assess the difficulty of levels and balance with thousands of variations of play-throughs with simulated realistic play-styles and skill levels.

Human-Like Opponents

Our bots can work as player stand-ins or AI opponents for single and multiplayer games. They challenge players by mirroring human behavior and skill.

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