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At, we empower game developers and publishers with extraordinary AI technology that helps unlock the potential of their games.

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One Team

Our greatest strength is our colleagues. It’s when we share our knowledge and experiences we become one team. Our differences make us stronger together.

work for Impact

We stand by our work and aspire to revolutionize the game production processes. Technology built from the perspective of the user can enable, enhance, and empower people's lives.

experiment & Innovate

We take pride in our scientifically grounded R&D process to develop new solutions. We strive to merge design and intuition with empirical and quantitative methods.

Building tools for games with passion and precision!

Historically, advanced AI and ML tools have only been for the largest game developers. We're making them available for everyone.

  • Mission

    Revolutionize game development pipelines by automating the repetitive, time-consuming, and expensive parts of development.

  • Vision

    We are building the future of game development through simulation and behavior automation.


Most Innovative AI Startup is the only games-focused company to make the 2021 CB Insights list of most innovative artificial intelligence startups

Investment and scaling the team raised funding and started growing our team around the world.

Our very first bot's first bot started testing games for a secret game development project. was founded blinked into existence with the vision of bringing revolutionary tools to all game developers.

It’s all about the people

Envisioning the Unthinkable

Curiosity and creativity is the lifeblood of our team. We're driven by our desire to innovate, always.

Christoffer Holmgård

Superpower Anthropomorphizer

Favourite Game Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan

Benedikte Mikkelsen

Superpower Low tech MacGyver repairs

Favourite Game Minesweeper

Lars Henriksen

Superpower Holistic tardis

Favourite Game Civilization (Amiga 500 version)

Julian Togelius

Superpower Optimism, puns

Favourite Game Battle of Polytopia

Georgios N. Yannakakis

Superpower Meta

Favourite Game Monument Valley

Sebastian Risi

Superpower 42

Favourite Game Quake III / Monkey Island

One Team Driving The Force

Our collaborative approach to polishing products ensures that what you get, is far more than what you see.

Not Just Dreamers!

United by the will to deliver excellence. We'll take on any challenge, no matter the size or scale.

Ahmed Khalifa

Superpower Make Deserts

Favourite Game WanderSong/VVVVVV

Anna Pukropski

Favourite Game Hero Realms

Chris Carvelli

Superpower Freezing Jokes

Favourite Game X-COM

Daniele Gravina

Superpower Increase entropy

Favourite Game Dark Souls

David Melhart

Superpower Bakes his own bagels

Favourite Game Dishonored

Gabriella Barros

Superpower Watching tv shows fast

Favourite Game The Binding of Isaac

Crafting the Future of Gaming

Harnessing the power of AI to deliver a game development experience like never before.

Project Pilots

Many projects. One team. Our collaborative approach ensures that what's in your hands is nothing short of perfection.

Ivan Bravi

Superpower Bugs Magnet

Favourite Game Crash Team Racing

Jamie Clarke

Superpower The ability to levitate birds

Favourite Game Parasite Eve

Joshua Barber

Superpower Bulletproof collarbone

Favourite Game Kerbal Space Program

Julie Teo Houlberg

Superpower Invisible when nobody looks

Favourite Game Heros of Might and Magic 3

Niels Justesen

Favourite Game StarCraft: Remastered

Ricardo Sisnett

Superpower Can divide by 0

Favourite Game Don't Starve

Game Development Made Easy

A game development experience like never before.

Sam Snodgrass

Superpower Excessive coffee consumption

Favourite Game Slay the Spire

Shraddha Gupta

Superpower Huge Dessert Stomach

Favourite Game Zelda

Vanessa Volz

Superpower Sleeping like a stone

Favourite Game Overlord II

Alessandro Canossa


  • Continuous Learning

    We support continuous learning and an environment that catalyzes innovation. We prioritize knowledge acquisition and value the application of this knowledge to achieve company-wide goals.

  • Having Fun!

    We provide our teams a social, collaborative, and productive space that encourages playfulness while at work.

  • Flexibility

    We choose the projects that excite us. We value the flexibility that allows work and home life balance. We strive to master the art of collaboration across time zones and geographies.

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