Webinar: Optimize Your Game Architecture for AI

How do you optimize your game design, architecture, and data collection process for future implementation of AI. 

In this webinar we talk about how to architect your game so it supports AI and player data collection from the ground up. Even if you are not planning on using machine learning for your game now, a few architectural decisions can make it easier to integrate down the line if you see the need.

We round-off with a Q&A discussion.

You’ll learn about

  • Useful patterns for AI.
  • Supporting simulation of your game.
  • Semantic annotation for meaningful game events.
  • Typical team roles involved in AI and ML implementation.


  • Christoffer Holmgård
  • Daniele Gravina

Want to know more?

If you would like to discuss how to architect your game for AI send us an email at contact@modl.ai.