Webinar on game playing bots for game development.

Webinar: Game Playing Bots for Game Development

In this webinar we discuss using game playing bots, built on machine learning, for testing, balancing, or as player stand-ins and opponents.

We open with a number of cases and patterns for using game playing bots based on machine learning. Then, we look into the underlying technology and how to train from player data in order to simulate human behavior.

We round-off with a Q&A discussion.

You’ll learn about

Algorithms/tricks for making bots play more human-like.

  • How to prep your game for bots.
  • Using human demonstrations for training bots.
  • Bots built on player actions.
  • How to work with bots for test and balancing.
  • Turning a balancing bot into an AI opponent.


  • Christoffer Holmgård
  • Niels Justesen


For more on our services for game playing bots for testing, balancing and as player stand-in or opponents check modl:play.

If you are interested in using bots in your game send us an email at contact@modl.ai.