Leave the repetitive tasks to the bots. Automate the difficult, boring, and time consuming parts of development.

A smoother testing experience

Testing with AI bots allows you to cover more ground - multiplying the number of tests and the combinations of the content tested. You can catch bugs early on before they become an issue and reduce stress during development. The test bots can work continuously in the background and report back to you while you continue to work on other parts of the game.

Exploratory tests at scale

Test with 1000s of bots simultaneously. The bots use intelligent search and do not require training. Complete weeks' worth of testing in just hours.

Automate regression tests

You set up a test once, then let the bots take over the repetitive tasks of regression testing for functionality and performance issues.

Catch issues sooner

Don’t get blindsided with game-breaking bugs while working in other parts of the game. You can repeatedly run checks on existing content and catch errors before they become issues.

Continuous bug reports

The API allows it to connect to your existing workflow tools. Get bug reports and coverage updates on demand without leaving your workspace.

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