Game Playing Bots

Bots Just Want To Have Fun

Bots for QA and Testing

Testing game content is a repetitive and time consuming process, and no matter how much time you spend, you might not catch everything.

Use our bots to check maps, test for performance issues, and replay levels over and over from demonstrations.

  • Use bots to run through content and levels, searching for glitches or performance issues.
  • Use designer, QA, and player demonstrations to train bots to test content and levels, even as they change or if they use randomness.

Bots for Balancing

Balancing game content can be time consuming, costly, especially as you're bringing out new characters, levels, or items.

Use our bots to generate artificial playthroughs - even as rules change and new content is introduced - and check the balance of your game continuously.

  • Sweep the possibility space of your game automatically.
  • Generate data sets for checking balance, veryfying progression curves, and follow the player journey at different skill levels.

Bots as player stand-ins and opponents.

Our bots work as player stand-ins and AI opponents with adjustable styles and skill levels for single and multiplayer games.

Boost your concurrent users count by ensuring there's always someone to play against and replace players that drop out of matches with satisfying bots.

  • Make sure there's always someone to play against, before and after launch.
  • Challenge players with opponents that vary in skill level and style.