AI personas that provide deep descriptions of your players.

Understand and engage your player-base

Understanding what motivates your players is key to ensuring great player experiences. modl:experience allows you to understand player motivations in real-time, helping you respond - right in the moment. Combining leading practices from game design, psychometrics, and artificial intelligence, our AI Personas predict what users would do, want, and experience with unparalleled precision. This empowers you to create meaningful long-term engagement and helps your game stand out in the growing games market.

Personalize experiences with confidence

Common games user research is time consuming and only provides point-in-time results. Our AI personas are designed to understand players in real-time.

Dynamic engagement

Adapt in real-time to changing player motivations and preferences. Build dynamic interactions into your games to make them truly responsive.

Craft engaging content

We make historical motivations available so you can see what drives players over time. Understand what content and interactions are important for engagement.

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