Game Playing Bots

AIs Just Want To Have Fun

AI personas

Game playing AI personas are automatic testers designed to represent specific play-styles or skill levels.

  • Evaluate your game content in minutes, not days.
  • Assess the difficulty of levels with randomness with thousand variations of playthroughs.
  • Increase the speed of design iteration. Free up designers' time to focus on gameplay and high level concepts.
  • Test with the same skill level and style again and again. And then some more.

Regression Play-tester

Our regression play-tester plays games based on recorded human demonstrations and checks that the game is still playable after content or code changes.

  • Build your content and commit your code with confidence.
  • Our bots play your build nightly, so you don't have to.
  • Know if content changes or code tweaks broke things you thought were done.
  • Our bots find their way around changes in content or code on their own.
  • Receive a report when errors are found and take action.

Human-like NPCs

Our AI personas work as player stand-ins, AI opponents, NPCs for single and multiplayer games.

  • Make sure there is always someone to play against, before and after launch.
  • Challenge players with opponents that vary in skill level and style.
  • Make a living, convincing world with characters that vary in behavioral patterns.