Procedural Content Generation

Create Better Experiences Faster

Persona Driven PCG

Game playing personas evaluate and critique content generated from existing PCG systems.

  • Generate persona play-traces and statistics across your game content.
  • Evaluate your procedurally generated content in terms of predicted KPI performance.
  • Understand and evaluate the play-space of your PCG enabled game.
  • Protect your procedural design from unplayable or degenerate examples.

Level Generation From Examples

Our puzzle and level generator systems learn from examples you provide and generate new suggestions for you to choose from.

  • Supercharge your productivity with pregenerated puzzles or levels to start from.
  • Focus on concepts and important details rather than mundane layouts.
  • Start creating from generated examples instead of a blank canvas.
  • Train our system in your own style, teaching it to generate to your preferences.